Commissioning & Startup
Commissioning, startup and turnover to production or operations should be smooth and stress free ... the culmination of thousands of hours and millions of dollars in effort. Our commissioning team understands this need. Team Management & Consulting has experienced and knowledgeable managers and technicians to execute this responsibility flawlessly.
Our philosophy has the commissioning manager involved in the project at the engineering design stage gate. While this may appear to add a small incremental cost to the overall project, our system prevents significant delays by designing the tools needed for easy and safe access.
Our staff will be completely immersed in your project specifications, extremely familiar with your vendors and the equipment to be installed in the completed systems. Project leadership will know that your fixtures and equipment have been completely inspected, tested and certified long before the "big day” comes. The result is a smooth well-planned workflow following our detailed time line.

Team Management and Consulting uses a unique software package to track every aspect of the commissioning process. The managers and technicians at Team Management have experience in every discipline found in the petroleum industry. Whether your needs include commissioning support as part of our turnkey services or you are looking for a standalone commissioning team for an existing project, you will find the best services in the industry at Team Management.

We offer the following services and expertise to make your project worry free...
  • Commissioning senior engineer/manager
  • Commissioning engineer/manager mechanical
  • Commissioning engineer/manager I&E
  • Commissioning engineer/manager emergency systems and equipment
  • Commissioning technicians in every discipline required



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