Construction Installation
Brownfield or greenfield, Team Management's construction installation procedures and processes are the blueprint for safe and efficient execution of any construction work on your site. We accomplish this complex task by breaking the entire project into manageable sections and developing detailed procedures for each installation segment.
Particular attention is paid to the logical flow of your work, detailed asset allocation makes efficient use of available labor, lifting or hoisting equipment and simultaneous operations.
The professional onsite, hands-on installation supervisors at Team Management and Consulting have managed installation crews from every discipline found in the energy industry with outstanding results.
Safety first is not a buzz phrase at Team Management; it is our lifestyle. Job safety environmental analysis, complete scope of work limits, permit to work and ongoing situational awareness processes are a critical part of our management plan each day.

This integrated approach ensures that work is executed according to your company's requirements, after careful consideration is given to the hazards associated with construction work and the specific challenges found on an individual job site.

The experts at Team Management are ready to help you with...
  • Installation planning and detailed scheduling
  • Installation supervisors
  • Heavy lift planners
  • Sea-fasting and heavy transport logistics
  • Special erection equipment supervisors
  • Subcontractor coordination and supervision



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